Come HOME to your Body!

Calming and nurturing our Nervous System is the first step to accessing and expanding Pleasure!

💗 The Body Anchor Meditation is GREAT for women, men, & couples who want to feel comfortable and grounded in their bodies

💗 It helps you locate your body’s safe place

💗 It teaches you to distinguish upregulating & downregulating breath

💗 Learn how to drop into your parasympathetic nervous system

💗 Feel more present, nourished, and less needy

💗 Learn how to self-regulate

💗 Nurture and self-soothe your mind-body connection

💗 Resource yourself and replenish nourishing self-love so you have more to offer yourself and others without feeling depleted

💗 Feel at HOME in your Body

💗 Mastering the ability to calm and connect with your nervous system is key to accessing pleasure and building more intimacy in your life.

I recommend that you do this meditation daily or to create a version of your own once you learn to foundations I'm teaching.