A self-paced, pre-recorded, virtual course with guided hands-on interactive mappings to your Vulva-Vaginal arousal anatomy to support your exploration, knowledge, and orgasmic expansion based on the foundations of Somatic Sexological Bodywork™.

Meet Dolly Josette

Your Pleasure Muse (a.k.a. The Vulva Whisperer)

Helping women gain agency to reclaim and explore their body in its full divine potential by providing an Operation Manual for your creative life force & all the pleasure you deserve.


But… What is Vulva Mapping?

Vulva-Vaginal Mapping is an unfolding process that expands orgasmic potential by creating new neurological pathways to pleasure, healing trapped pain and numbness, building connection and acceptance, increasing anatomy knowledge, & strengthening sensations through somatic learning.

This unique genital mapping experience is a Sexological Bodywork approach to touching your pelvic floor point by point, bringing stillness, attention & intention to notice what is felt physically and emotionally. As you focus on sensation, Dolly guides you to feel for potential pleasure, tenderness, pain, numbness, or neutrality. If you were doing an in-person session, Dolly would be administering the touch. The brilliance of the online approach is YOU get to touch your own body from the get-go. This gives you AGENCY, which means you develop a command over your own felt experience as you deepen your ability to listen to sensation, emotions & stories the fascia is holding.

This somatic approach connects sensations and feelings we hold in our body to help unwind what no longer serves us. This cannot be done just talking about the issues. It has to be a felt experience, which is how we integrate this powerful transformation and new knowledge into our being.

Just when were they

going to tell us about our anatomy?

Where was this information during biology? When we got our first period?  When we started having sex? When we graduated from highschool? College? When we got married? Got divorced? Had a baby? Saw our doctor for pain we felt down there? When we were hiding out because we didn’t want anyone to know the shame we were feeling? When we entered peri-menopause? Menopause?

I realized that there's no they.

It's only us.

It's up to you and me.

"I LOVE my OBGYN, but besides getting some fluid samples once a year, or helping with a pregnancy or STI, there’s not a whole lot of ANATOMY INSTRUCTION, much less PLEASURE LESSONS, happening!" ~Dolly


How's Touch-Feel-Connect different from anything else out there

Touch-Feel-Connect D.I.Y. Online edition is a guided step-by-step hands-on roadmap to the Vulva and Vaginal arousal anatomy built upon the somatic foundations of Sexological Bodywork™ and Dolly's private client work with hundreds of women.

Sexological Bodywork ™ is an embodied methodology that takes you out of your mind and into your body by activating the embodiment principles while learning mapping and remediation techniques. It’s a process of reclamation to heal your body’s needs so you can be at choice for how you feel, while also creating more space and neurological pathways for increased pleasure potential.  

This cannot be done just talking about the issues. It has to be a felt experience.

Touch-Feel-Connect is your User’s Manual for this felt experience. It teaches you how to access and listen to the Arousal Anatomy of your pelvic floor by uncovering and unwinding habits, trapped emotions, shame, numbness, or sensations that no longer serve you. The process will validate, normalize, and empower you to move beyond limitations, provide you with language to ask for what you want, and the ability to connect more innately with your erotic potential.

This is the power of Somatic healing and expansion

This self-paced course walks you through the PleasureMuse Sexological Bodywork ™ approach to genital mapping in a calm and caring manner to support your nervous system, help you feel safe in your exploration, and establish a new relationship with the arousal anatomy of your pelvic floor so that healing, pleasure, and acceptance can flourish.

Expanding on some skills that you’ll develop in Touch-Feel-Connect:


The first Skill of my Touch Feel Connect Vulva Mapping is the skill of AGENCY. That’s right … you taking the bull by the horns and saying that you want this knowledge about your body. That what’s in-between your legs is not a deep black hole for others to poke and prod; that you want to get in the driver’s seat to truly understand your anatomy! That’s AGENCY! In other words, taking ownership and responsibility for your experience. 


Did you know that women have 5 erectile beds? Or the difference between your Vulva and your Vagina? Do you know if you are more sensitive in your Perineal Sponge, G-Crest, or your A-Spot? Have you ever felt your Cervix? Or why it’s important to know where your Urethra is located? Don’t worry … I didn’t know any of this before I became a Sexological Bodyworker. Learning to Identify your body's arousal anatomy of your pelvic floor helps you get in tune with your feminine wisdom and empowers your authority, pleasure and healing possibilities.


Our pelvic floor is our creative-life-force center that is home to our womb, our vulvas and our vaginas.  There is so much to learn from these organs and tissues if we only take the time to pause and listen to them. Learning how to tune into your body’s needs, create a safe and nurturing space for yourself, and use tools of embodiment so you can better connect and attune are life long skills that are the foundation of this explorative discovery and connecting experience.

Meet Your Tour Guide

Do you relate? You're craving comfort in your body and are tired of wondering if there's more, feeling sexually frustrated, embarrassed, broken, or that sex is a chore or not all that it’s cracked up to be. 

And it feels extra frustrating to feel limited in this area that’s supposed to be natural.  

I’ve been in your shoes! I was a successful TV producer who finally got the courage to get a divorce from my first husband largely because I wasn’t sexually satisfied. And when I did find satisfaction in my second marriage, multiple miscarriages and health issues led me to feel broken and disenchanted with sex. 

In a quest to know my body and my hubby's body better, we worked with a Sexological Bodyworker. The process was so eye-opening that I decided to become a practitioner!

I didn’t know there was so much we didn’t know about our bodies and sex! When I had my last miscarriage, I proclaimed, "I want to learn all there is to sex as a recreation vs. procreation."

And Vulva & Vaginal Mappings were my BIGGEST breakthroughs!

Now I routinely do Vulva & Vaginal Mappings as part of my health preservation because as my body and needs continually change. This became especially clear when I was having intense pain with penetrative sex due to perimenopausual issues. Not only did I do my own remediation, but I also did a series of sessions with my Mentor in Sexological Bodywork, Ellen Heed. And, as part of my healing, I taught my hubby how to V-Map me, which is when I coined the term, "Touch-Feel -Connect," because those partnered sessions were among the most intimate, connecting experiences we’ve had. (My private coaching currently supports Mapping for Couples.)

"Touch-Feel-Connect" also applies to our own interactions with our own bodies. There is nothing more sacred and honoring than having a trustworthy and loving relationship with our own genitals. This is a portal to our power, our creativity, our divinity.

Dolly is a respected member of her professional community. Hustler Magazine called her a "a top practitioner in her field." She was the 2020-21 President of the Association of Sexological Bodyworkers and hosted/ produced two trainings for the Certification of Sexological Bodyworkers in conjunction with the Institute of Somatic Sexology and Joseph Kramer, who founded this profession.

Curriculum At A Glance

Choose a 5 day journey or my recommended 5 week journey.

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Body Anchor Meditation

Vulva Hug Mediation

Daily Meditations

Mapping #1: Vulva Felt Experience


Vulva Massage

Daily Meditations

Mapping #2: Anatomical Treasure Hunt

Mirror Work


Vulva Massage

Daily Meditations

Mapping #3: Vaginal Mapping


Vaginal & Vulva massage


Daily Meditations



When you register, you'll choose a 5 Day or 5 Week Journey. The TFC videos and lessons will be permanently available to you as I recommend mapping 2-3x a year AND enroll in Dolly's VIP Upgraded Collective when it's offered.

Show Me The Proof!

Vulva? Vagina? Bueller? Let’s laugh and learn.

I was honored to be included as an expert in Cosmopolitan’s Vaginal Mapping article; however, when I tried to follow their D.I.Y. instructions … uh, well, maybe they kinda missed the point?

Check out my humorous perspective on Cosmo's instructions. Hopefully, you'll have a chuckle and then you can tell me... Vulva? Vagina?

3 Reasons why YOU want to master self-touch mapping & remediation and become a Vulva Warrior

You finally want to put your needs first, resolve shame and fear, and enjoy your body while you have it! 

You want to deepen your connection with your sexual self and find a romantic partner; or cultivate a more playful, alluring relationship with your current partner.

You want to become a sexual virtuoso, play your body like an orchestra and not limit yourself to the one or two notes you’ve been playing your whole life.