Post "Feel More" Practice from Instagram Live

This IG Live came about because Alissa, who follows me on IG, direct messaged me to share that she greatly benefitted from my Body Anchor, Vulva Hug and Vulva Hug 2.0 (now called Sexual Awakening) somatic practices, and asked if she could purchase the FEEL MORE. So I taught her and others. She agreed to let me share her learnings.

Body Anchor  

Feel at Home in Your Body

20-minute somatic practice

You’ll learn:

  • Targeted breathwork for immediate calm and relief
  • Anxiety release 
  • How to map body to find your safe and grounded body anchor position(s) 
  • How to self regulate to feel safe & at home in your body
  • Up-regulating and down-regulating breath 
  • Somatic awareness and body dialoguing to listen to your body
  • How to give yourself presence and nourishing self-love

Vulva Hug

A Sensuality + Creativity Ritual

20-minute somatic practice

You’ll learn:

  • A sensual pelvic floor presence practice
  • How to awaken and connect with your creative life force
  • How to create personal consent and trust
  • How to activate your sensual~sexual power and creativity
  • To quiet a busy mind and prioritize pleasure
  • Focused and expanding sensual sensations
  • The foundations vulva dialoguing
  • How to connect body, mind and soul

Feel More

Embodiment Activation

20-minute somatic practice

You’ll learn:

  • The five pillars of embodiment 
  • Somatic awareness that develops into somatic attunement
  • How to get out of your head and into your body
  • Embodied self-touch
  • Hidden sensations that will surprise you
  • Moving sensation throughout your body without touch
  • How to expand orgasmicity and energetic pleasure
  • Confidence to know what your body wants and how it wants to be touched

This practice is inspired by my studied with Betty Martin and Wheel of Consent. I personalize it to become an even deeper sensual embodiment tool.

Sexual Awakening

Activate Your Clitoris

26-minute somatic practice

You’ll learn:

  • How to expand your eroticism
  • How new anatomy, pubic symphysis, can be a subtle yet sweet turn-on; & the trusted clitoris, more assertive
  • How to activate bodily arousal and pleasure
  • Embodied sensual touch peaking toward sexual, no batteries required
  • Learn self-touch techniques you can apply to solo sex
  • Techniques to arouse your body for partnered sex
  • Different forms of pleasure and orgasm
  • The difference between orgasm and climax

Your Pleasure Rx Guide

Dolly Josette is on a mission to help women become their OWN Pleasure Muse. 

From private coaching to her DIY videos and her signature Vulva & Vaginal Mapping, Dolly’s embodiment teachings help clients build confidence and agency to truly access their erotic fulfillment. 

And Pleasure Rx: Embodiment Activation is one step closer to making this mission come true.

Dolly is a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Educator, Sexological Bodyworker™ and founder of, coaching women and couples on intimacy enhancement, sexual satisfaction, healing shame and pain, and expanding pleasure. 

She’s appeared on numerous podcasts, including Sex with Emily, and has been featured in Cosmopolitan and Hustler Magazine, which called Dolly “a leading practitioner in hands-on sexual therapy.”

Dolly recently launched private, curated Relationship Reboot Retreats in her new Nashville office. 

When she’s not PleasureMusing, you can find Dolly splitting her countrypolitan time with her hubby of 15 years, their two dogs, and four goats.

You deserve to learn Dolly's embodiment tools she uses with private clients to learn to navigate your own nervous system to awaken your inner eroticism and move from safety to sensuality to sexuality.